Appendix 6a-b: Letter from Enrico Davanzo to Santo Tiné



Trieste, Oct. 4, 1967
Dear Mr. Tine,

please forgive the delay etc.

The floor plan has been done very accurately together with my friend Duda* and then inked here at the Astronomical Observatory where I work and where I have friends who can help me. As you see, we tried to complete as quickly as possible, hopefully in time for you to utilize it during the next Confrerence that begins on Oct. 8, if I am not wrong.

In the floor plan, smaller rocks and stones have been omitted, as well as the stalagmatic concretions, which are very dense in certain spots, but we thought that this would have made the drawing difficult to interpret. In the section, in any case, which we want to send you in te near future, there will be both stalagmatic and stalactitic concretions. - We sent you the original of the transparency because the rodex [?]* (copy of the transparency to be heliographed) does not obviously have colors, which I thinks add to the understanding of the floor plan of the cave. The latter … [?]* small red circles that represent an / area about 2 m in diameter, which contain numbers; these have been placed in a logical sequence, beginning from the bottom of the big cave, e each of these corresponds to the find you have described, or that you identified with numbers [?]* and sectors, or else with numbers written in red on the floor itself. As for the numbers 36 and 37 they are the small boxes already filled which you asked me to place there on the last day; 38 is a vase made with concretions* behind a group of stalagmites almost at the beginning of the “shortcut” (one takes) to arrive at the big cave; but I do not have either the description or the red number on the floor, which was missing; 39 is a group of sherds or vases that I know you have found, bit of which I do not have the description; 40 is the point of that sort of well where I found those two remainders of vases made with concretions*, one of a mid size with small lugs, the other preserved only in half of the type with a narrow neck e a larger body. I did not think it wise to place the small bags that contains various sherds found in one of the first days in the area of the polygon from A1 to D1 because they were taken from a large area and in any case already placed by you as sector. 

I would like to have for myself and for the …* cave a photo of the skeleton found in the big cave. When we will send you the section you will also receive the numbered series corresponding to the black and white photos that are most interesting or at least most clear. 

In the hope that our work, to which also the “maestro” took part with the report, may be sufficiently useful for your needs, please accept my best wishes.

A warm greeting to your wife and the little boys.

Enrico Davanzo

* Unclear

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1969 October 04
Enrico Davanzo
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Scaloria-Occhiopinto Cave complex
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Davanzo, Enrico, Appendix 6a-b: Letter from Enrico Davanzo to Santo Tiné for The Archaeology of Grotta Scaloria: Ritual in Neolithic Southeast Italy. Version 1. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press.
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