Vessels in the Isla style. (a) La Isla A, tomb 18, ME 2647; (b) Tricolor with white dots, Pueblo Viejo de La Cueva, ME 31-297; (c) ME 73-874, without provenience; (d) Tchecar Sur-695; (e) Tricolor with white dots, Quitor 6 2569-2573, San Pedro de Atacama.

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Ch. 14: Symbols, Offerings, and Metallic Goods from the Puna and Quebrada de Humahuaca, Northwestern Argentina
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La Cueva
La Isla
San Pedro de Atacama
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Isbell, William H.; Uribe, Mauricio I.; Tiballi, Anne; Edward P. Zegarra, 2018, "Visual database", https://doi.org/10.25346/S6/1B33FN.