Schematic drawing of unit Eb4-2-200 excavated at Huari in 1977 by Dr. Isbell’s Huari Urban Prehistory Project. Initial excavation removed layers in a profile unit next to the road cut in order to expose and more clearly discern the layers that were then excavated in the 2-m x 2-m unit. The lowest levels contained a Huarpa occupation with architectural features, followed by early Huari occupation of Epoch 1A with further wall construction, then general occupational deposition into Middle Horizon Epoch 1B. The area within the 2-m x 2-m square above Stratum 14 was badly disturbed and therefore analysis continued with data collected from the profile square. Courtesy of Patricia J. Knobloch.
Profile of stratigraphy in the 1977 pipeline trench at Conchopata site. Drawn from field drawings by Perry Gnivecki. Units A and C were 2-m x 2-m excavations to bedrock. A group burial (not shown) was located between Unit A and the Offering Pit. Remnant walls at either end delimit a possible plaza with a pink sandy floor. Courtesy of Patricia J. Knobloch.
West-east profile of Pits 12 and 11. Drawing by Martti Pärssinen.
Signs-glyphs from the decoration of the Portada del Sol. Drawing by Chiongwend Lhi.
Combination of signs-glyphs on staffs, breastplates, appendices, feathers, and body paint, all of which determine the iconographic character of the figures on the Portada del Sol. Drawing by Chiongwend Lhi.
Combinations of glyphs on the halos of the frontal faces shown on the bottom register of the frieze decorating the Portada del Sol. Drawing by Carlos Herrera.
Excavation map showing features 1 (F1) and 2 (F2) as well as wall foundations of the building partially excavated during the years 2004 to 2006. Excavation unit locations and numbers are shown at a smaller scale above. Drawing by Antti Korpisaari.
Moche III painted mural from Structure D, Huaca de la Luna. (a) Complete mural as recorded during the excavation. Drawing by I. Solózano (from Morales and Torres 1998).
Moche III painted mural from Structure D, Huaca de la Luna. (b) Reconstruction drawn from field observations (detail).
The eye of the avian-faced Profile Attendant on Tiahuanaco's Gate of the Sun has an Anadenanthera colubrina symbol attached. It is the only convincing Anadenanthera colubrina icon on the Gate of the Sun. Drawing by Patricia Knobloch.