A selected sample of stone sculpture showing the circumlacustrine distribution of the “early” version of the Yaya-Mama style. The drawings are not at the same scale and are based on photographs and original rubbings by Karen and Sergio Chávez.
Continuities in a selection of Yaya-Mama style iconography as it develops into “Classic” Tiahuanaco style. The lower portion represents “early” and “late” Yaya-Mama motifs and designs in pottery and stone; the middle shows examples of “transitional” images depicted on snuff tablets, Provincial Pucara textiles, and stone carvings; the upper portion represents motifs and designs from the Gateway of the Kalasasaya, the Bennett, Ponce, and Kochamama stelae, including two examples of statues known as chachapuma. The two motifs on the upper left derive from a Huari tapestry published by Isbell and Knobloch (2009:Figure 5). Line drawings by Sergio Chávez.