Tray 1976 of unknown origin; Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, Santiago. Photo by the author and drawings by Tania Basterrica.
(a) Tray 2228 from Pucara de Tilcara. Drawing by Tania Basterrica.
(c) Polychrome beret-type cap with two ear-loops from Catarpe-2, San Pedro de Atacama (taken from Llagostera and Costa 1984:66).
(a) Tray 43-112 from Doncellas; Museo Etnográfico J. B. Ambrosetti, Buenos Aires (drawings taken from Torres 1987a:Plate 155). Photo by the author.
(a) Two Simple Anthropomorphs. Tray 1999.1.177 from Chunchurí, Calama (taken from Oyarzún 1979: Fig.6).
(b) Wooden spatula from Pucara de Rinconada, Jujuy (taken from Torres 1987a:Plate 154).
(b) Two Simple Anthropomorphs embraced. Tray 1999.1.173 from Chunchurí, Calama (taken from Durán et al. 2000:Figure 67).
(b) Detail of rectangular plate from Tiawanaku (taken from González 1992:Plate 50B/1). 
(a) Two Complex Anthropomorphs with masks. Tray 4418 from Chunchurí, Calama (taken from Oyarzún 1979:Figure 7).
(c) Detail of rectangular plate from La Rioja, Argentina (taken from González 1992:Plate 50B/3).