(b) Simple Anthropomorph flanked by Felinized Anthropomorph. Tray 2565 of unknown origin; Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, Santiago. Photos by the author.
(c) Triad on tray 9160 from Caspana; Museo R. P. Gustavo Le Paige S. J., San Pedro de Atacama. Photo taken from Pérez de Arce 1995 and drawing by Tania Basterrica.
Bas relief decoration on the back of the Bennett monolith: two faces with halos on their respective podiums. Photo by Daniel Giannoni.
Ponce monolith in the center of the Kalasasaya courtyard. Photo by Daniel Giannoni.
El Fraile, or “The Monk” monolith with the roll-out of the figurative decoration in relief. Drawing by Carlos Herrera.
The Ídolo del Sol, provisionally identified as representing Pachacamac. Note the absence of wings, substituted by a second staff, in the representation of the escorts as well as the absence of podiums. Drawing by Carlos Herrera.
Principal deity represented in the decorations on the unku worn by the Bennett monolith. Note the particular characteristics of the feathers in the halo and the objects in both hands, which are not staffs. Drawing by Carlos Herrera.
Signs-glyphs from the decoration of the Portada del Sol. Drawing by Chiongwend Lhi.
Combination of signs-glyphs on staffs, breastplates, appendices, feathers, and body paint, all of which determine the iconographic character of the figures on the Portada del Sol. Drawing by Chiongwend Lhi.
Combinations of glyphs on the halos of the frontal faces shown on the bottom register of the frieze decorating the Portada del Sol. Drawing by Carlos Herrera.